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Vintage Jewelry, Chanel Necklace

The Vintage Brands has re-defined the luxury shopping experience. It is highly encouraged that our clients sell, trade or consign their jewelry, watches and handbags, maintaining only the most prestigious and collectible luxury collections in the world.

The Vintage Brands is comprised of trained experts on staff in both our Vintage Malibu boutique and our New York City corporate headquarters. With over 100 years of experience, offering courteous and discreet service, and accurately assessing all items The Vintage Brands is dedicated to paying the highest prices for the most desired items.

How the process works:

  1. Clients can contact our expert staff at [email protected] or bring items into our Vintage Malibu location in the Malibu Country Mart. Contacting the boutique prior to visit is highly encouraged, allowing staff to prepare for clients’ visit.
  2. A vast constellation of buyers and affiliate locations are available to The Vintage Brand Staff throughout the US, so upon reaching out, a dedicated expert works with clients on how to best go about the process. Some of our Vintage buyers in jewelry watches and handbags, travel the country to view private collections.
  3. It is important to remain very selective with what is taken on consignment, therefore currently only accepting luxury items that are in great/perfect condition and are consistent with the items sold presently in the boutique. That being said, The Vintage Brands is interested in all jewelry, most watches, and top name brand handbags for purchase from clients.

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Vintage Malibu had Re-Defined the luxury shopping experience. We highly encourage our guests to sell, trade or consign their jewelry, watches and handbags in order to maintain the most prestigious and collectible luxury collections in the world.

Please submit your name, contact information, item description, and up to 3 images of your item for sale, trade, or consigment in the contact forM to the right. You will be contacted by The Vintage Brands as soon as possible.